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From the power of data to intelligent automation, capital markets organizations are seizing the opportunities to improve relationship management and democratize public markets. And you’re achieving this by embedding technology into your DNA.

Although you’ve found data as an asset, and data management are key growth areas, you’re also under pressure to digitally innovate and deal with rising data and cyber security issues. With global economics and social shifts also impacting their business, you’re having to rethink your digital strategies at speed. Supply chain localization, macro market supply challenges, global crises and rising inflation are also having an impact, forcing organizations to radically rethink their approach.

More than 90% of respondents to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud,Hosting & Managed Services, Budgets & Outlook 2022 survey indicated they were at least considering a digital transformation strategy, with more than half actively executing on such a strategy, with cloud platforms routinely rated among the most transformational technologies.

Connected, unified and integrated technology and platform support may have been ‘nice to have’ a while ago, but now it’s an operational necessity, and needs to encompass the organization’s networks, digital experience, cyber, cloud and workspaces.

With our ability to deliver the right capabilities to help capital markets organizations evolve, partnering with us will accelerate change and innovation. We can help you move from locked-down IT to open, flexible platforms that are connected, cohesive and cloud-first. We combine our system integration capabilities, industry expertise, digital consulting, application development, and managed service capabilities with Edge-to-Cloud service operation capabilities. This includes our strength in every area of network, infrastructure, data architecture and tech innovation – and a wealth of expertise that we can call on when needed. As we deliver the empowerment of the cloud, you will be able to innovate through the cloud, transform applications, and transform with new digital tools and skills.

What makes us stand apart from the competition?

Interconnected technology and simplified delivery for global optimization and standardization.

We work within the ecosystem of capital markets organizations to make sure connectivity runs smoothly, while maintaining data control and critical insight.

Better placed to help manage and mitigate risk.

Our risk management attributes cover global common practices, resilient processes and systems, in addition to standardized platform delivery.

Deep global cloud leader partnerships and experience to deliver the right outcomes for partners.

Given the complexity of capital markets workloads, we introduce the right mix of public cloud by utilizing our partnerships.

End-to-end connected solutions and consulting.

We create a single platform that can increase agility and adaptiveness by connecting technology across the ecosystem in its entirety and combining it with monetization.


We helped SIDE Technologies achieve end-to-end visibility and control for a data-driven future.

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