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With customers becoming more digitally savvy, insurers are finding they need to have greater data and automation capabilities. And given revenue growth and customer satisfaction are top priorities for you, delivering hyper-personalization at scale is now a necessity. Most development innovations are being driven by cost optimization and transformation, with many organizations going beyond automation to leverage predictive analytics, which helps more accurate decision making. Telematics, wearables, and IoT offer you unique opportunities to shift to a ‘predict and prevent’ model, which will help satisfy increasingly risk-aware customers.

AI-enabled automation of manual processes will be a driver of cost savings. Better use of analytics for upselling and cross-selling will increase revenue opportunities. For the customer, AI advances will lead to better and more personalized service levels, with a frictionless end-to-end digital experience.

In order to keep these customers happy, we’re able to help you scale your data and automation capabilities by building out from our traditional core of network, security and infrastructure, and bringing together data, analytics, cloud migration and transformation. This is augmented by comprehensive managed services and driven across a secure global digital fabric.

From this highly adaptive base, we can respond to increasingly complex and diverse needs on a global level. We can build and evolve cohesive applications for innovation, development and industrialization, as well as microservices and related technology capabilities. We can provide you with the digital tools, skills and processes they need to create new business solutions, and deliver hyper-personalization. And in the process help you drive assured, continual and rapid transformation across applications, cloud, data and infrastructure through our technology, global networks, co-managed services and expertise.

What makes us stand apart from the competition?

Insurance domain experts with deep insurance knowledge.

We work with the majority of the top 20 worldwide insurers, so can be relied on to transform the most complex systems effectively. In addition, we’re trusted experts on processes, infrastructure, data, workflows and business technology.

Better placed to help insurers manage and mitigate risk.

Our skills in risk management cover service integrity management, global common practices, as well as resilient processes and systems.

We offer a collaborative approach and powerful ecosystem to solve complex requirements.

Our experience as an ecosystem partner is valuable to insurers as they move to agile DevOps environments. We work with many companies with specialists in security and data, and partner with every major integrator and hyperscaler, so are in prime position to solve the challenges insurers face.


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