Making your organization more connected, innovative and resilient


We deliver end-to-end IT services, providing you with innovative, evolving and transformative capabilities. This will ensure your company is structured for the future.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with NTT as your strategic partner:

The ability to build future-proof strategies

Simplified technology and optimized infrastructure

Consolidated technology – reduced costs and minimized risks

Unified, connected and seamless infrastructures

Digital skills that enhance business capabilities

Deeper talent enablement

Reduced costs by bringing technology together

A transformed, flexible, digital FSI business platform

Enabling limitless digital business acceleration – everywhere.

FSIs need to continually transform their business capabilities. We are the perfect partner to deliver the ever-evolving and adaptive technology platform you need.

We’re used to working across complex compliance landscapes within FSIs. Our digital backbone is robust, and given the breadth of our organization, we’re able to leverage unparalleled expertise to add security, compliance and regulatory capability as part of what we can deliver for you.

We stand apart from the competition. Here’s how:

Why NTT?

65% of the Fortune Global 500 and 80% of the Fortune Global 100 companies are our clients.

Innovating Smart Solutions for our clients

The first enterprise multi-country private 5G offering

Delivered the largest connected digital stadium for Tour de France

Transforming how the Tour de France deliver data to fans across the world

If you did a google search, you likely used our network

#1in Network Service Provider according to Gartner and IDC

Hyperscalers and social media platforms run here for global reach

One of the top 3 in Global Data Centers according to IDC and TBR

150-year heritage of using technology for good

Helping our clients and the world to reach net-zero by 2030

Creating new ways of working for customers across the globe

Global leader in workplace transformation, architecting new ways of working that are hybrid, flexible and secure

We deliver an unrivaled layer between managed services and staff augmentation. We’re able to improve reporting and management capabilities by integrating technology and infrastructure services into a single operating platform.

The complex challenges FSIs face these days require ambitious solutions that are scalable, yet also have the capability to evolve over time – especially if they are looking to deliver more connected solutions. Given our mission is to do more good and less harm, we ensure our operations and services reduce waste, water and emissions while our technologies help regenerate the environment. We are in a position to deliver more sustainable working practices within the financial services sector, and in the process provide a foundation of security on which banks can grow, innovate and advance.

We operate in more than 200 countries and regions, and serve 5,000 clients across multiple industries. We’re trusted globally to connect data, things and people in innovative and sustainable ways that positively impact the world. We’re here to accelerate the connected future.

We run and operate a global network that has software-defined architecture, that is automated, that provides deep analytics on traffic flowing across it for operational efficiencies, security posture improvement and business insights. With networking experts in over 80 countries with 5800 certifications.

Our global data center platform is one of the largest in the world, spanning over 20 countries and regions across Europe, North America, Africa and APAC. With 600,000m2 of total and planned global data center floorspace and 2,100MW of total critical IT load, we operate carrier-neutral data centers that deliver complete solutions for housing your IT and network systems in a secure, sustainable, connected and high-performance environment.




clients served across multiple industries


Networking experts with 5800 certifications


of total and planned global data center floorspace


of total critical IT load

NTT is a recognized leader in network, security, data centers, cloud and collaboration services and delivers the following:

Network, cloud, and data center services coverage in 200+ countries.

Multi-tower services platform with API, automation and AI capabilities.

Connections to collocated data centers and public clouds.

Read on to explore our solutions in greater detail and how we can help you across your key markets:

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