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NTT: Creating opportunities for the Financial Services Industry

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Financial Services Industry (FSI) organizations are at a crossroads. In the not too distant future data will provide the bedrock for FSIs, yet today too often data sits in silos and its full potential for driving your business forward remains untapped. When services are not always digitized from end-to-end, friction is created for clients. From an intelligence, customer and regulatory perspective this is holding organizations back just at a time when you need to be in a position to better harness and understand your data.

For many, their ability to achieve this is being hampered by complex, aging legacy systems and traditional operating models, along with a need to reskill their workforce and automate processes. With the competition offering enhanced CX and digital capabilities, these FSIs are under intense pressure to accelerate the pace of their digital transformation – just to keep up, let alone get ahead.

Your organization, therefore, needs to become more purposeful, more intent-driven and more intelligent. Against the rising specter of fintechs encroaching on your markets and customers, you must offer products and services that appeal to an evolving client base. A corporate client base that is skewing towards the new generation of millennials at the helm.


3X the number of corporate clients report they want to communicate through APIs compared to those wishing to primarily communicate face-to-face or via email. Corporates increasingly choose machine-to-machine communication over person-to-person.

NTT DATA: Corporate Banking Outlook 2022.

And while doing this, you can also explore new revenue streams and make business models more ethically minded. There’s never been a more exciting time for the financial services industry – illustrated by the countless startups, fintechs and established enterprises investing billions for a chance to earn a share of the market. It’s time to capitalize on that energy, take the lead and partner with us. Together, we can secure and transform the future of financial services.

It’s time to be bold…

In order to achieve this digital transformation, you need to be bold. Now is not the time to hope solutions that may have worked in the past will work today. To lead from the front, successful businesses need a partner that can provide unprecedented security and trust, deliver an outcome-focused approach, provide continual excellence through innovation and global enablement, while connecting their technology and infrastructure as one simple, easy platform.

‘Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services outlook collection reveals near-term concerns and long-term opportunities, offering a strong argument for FSIs to be bold going forward. Across sectors, financial organizations could overcome challenges and ascend to new heights by prioritizing digital transformation and ESG initiatives, investing in talent while rethinking the workplace, and partnering in new ways to innovate and increase efficiency.’

Deloitte Financial Services Industry Insights, 2022

The client-led bank of the future will allow data to flow securely between services, enriched and enhanced by AI. This is what will deliver a customer experience that differentiates banks from today, and what will ensure customer loyalty through a changing banking world (NTT DATA: Corporate Banking Outlook 2022).

As a partner for the essential, assured and continual transformation you require, NTT brings change and innovation together, enabling organizations like yours to move from locked-down IT to open, flexible and secured platforms. We are here to support you in your digital transformation every step of the way, driving limitless, scaled growth.

Now is the time to be bold, and to do it with the assurance, and tried and tested capability of NTT. We have been at the forefront of driving innovation and delivering limitless adaptability, making us one of the most experienced providers of open-platform solutions in the market.

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